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It’s a New Year! [& what I’ve been up to lately]


20131206_131239   This is what I look like when I’m outside these days.  🙂 It’s been very cold here in the prairies and I have a dog who loves the cold, so, out we go!  Ya just have to dress for it. The wind chill this morning made it feel like minus 40 degrees Celcius out there- for those of you who operate in Fahrenheit, that’s where the 2 scales converge, so if you can imagine it, -40 F.  Sheesh.

Happy new year. I hope you haven’t made any resolutions that are too outlandish/impossible. I’ll talk about my plans, but not here…

I just popped in to ask you again to go to to find my blog and website there. I have added mailchimp so you can put your email address in there to get notifications when I get a new post up.

Hoping to ‘see’ you there, and much more often (one of my resolutions)!


Hello! Happy Autumn.


IMG_4597-2   Hello there.

I just want to remind you all to go to to see me there.

We are still tweaking the site. I will be adding the ability for you to follow me there (a Mail Chimp application) and being able to share my blog posts directly to Facebook.

I hope your fall is going well. We have had unseasonably warm weather here  but that’s about to change.   🙂

I am dancing (see photo) and involved in theatre (local amateur & school) as well as continuing work on the mixed media collaborative project I started in the summer.

Besides those things, I continue to enjoy cooking. I have committed to cooking or baking twice a month for the staff at school, so that will be fun. Oh, and I have added to what I think of as my ‘creative clothes’ lately: some very funky leggings and a few lovely garments from Victoria Secret (sweaters and a dress). I’ll have to share them soon!

I’ll pop in here from time to time – at least until we get the new features working on my website/blog…

Till later,


I Forgot to Invite You!


I’ve done written a couple of posts lately and have been surprised by the lack of reader response. I was briefly baffled that my readers weren’t giving me feedback. This should not have been a mystery to me; I’ve since figured it out:

Remember I was talking about building a new web presence that would combine my art website and SASKARTGIRL! in one place? Well, that site is up and running. As a result my last blog posts are in the new location. I can’t believe I didn’t invite you directly to my new web ‘home’.

Please go to

You’ll see my blog there and my art. Poke around the new place and let me know what you think. I have recently discovered that, although images of my art are there, the data that should accompany them is not (title, medium, size, etc), so I will have to rectify that. Please let me know if you notice anything else I should tweak.

See you over at the new digs!

green staircase

Can I get your help with my new art project, please?


Just to keep you informed, it is The End of June.

For me this means: son’s convocation from university, school year wrap-up (marking, project finishing, report card mark entering), grade 8 ‘farewell’, season-end dance show, yard work, camping-to-come, summer planning- so many things to do!  I’m also in the process of building a new website [to combine this blog and my artist website, into one entity], trying to work on my new art project (more on that later), in the thick of legal stuff to do with changing ownership on the Land Title of my family’s lakefront cottage lot (see photo), our backyard needs an 80% redesign, and, and,…. life is full and busy and good. P1000887

New Art Project:

I have told you a bit about my new art project, the one I am working with Lindsay on. I went to her new studio to be creative and the two of us struck upon an idea…which led to a whole plethora of ideas! Since then we have both been in our own spaces, moodling around, experimenting, thinking, prepping.  The working title for our project is Containment . We each have a pile of containers, largely cigar tins & boxes, which we have been stripping, sanding, priming, adding paper to, figuring out what to put into them… think mixed media box/book hybrids with some amount of found objects… maybe.

20140601_155309As far as theme/concept, we have so many possibilities right now, too many. We are trusting that throughout the process we things will distill down and we will have better focus.


I want to collect ideas from you, from my Facebook friends and through email. Your answers will help me. Rest assured that your identity will remain anonymous. I have no need to attach names to answers, I just need honest, heartfelt answers. I will keep you appraised of how this project evolves and you never know, you may see your own words in my work! If you would, could you think on the following questions and then answer them for me?

What kinds of things do you/people keep secret? (positive or negative, literal or figurative)
What do you/people keep hidden? (positive or negative, literal or figurative)
What do you/people treasure? or, What do you consider to be a treasure/something to be treasured?
What do you have tucked away someplace safe to keep memories from fading?

Looking forward to your feedback!!


The Muse does not respond to demands!


studio clean upI have been busy- what else is new?- busy trying to get my studio tidied up and organized so I can get to work on this collaboration project. I may have said this before but I am amazed at the sheer volume of clutter that accumulates in there when I’m not. Sheesh! Anyway. I’ve been getting that space ready and on a totally different plane, I’ve been working with Website Refinery on building a new WordPress website that will have my blog and website in ONE location.

Since I’ve been home [from L’s studio space a few weeks ago] I have been working toward the goal of focus & direction for the collaboration project we began. We have set up a private Facebook page for our communication and have been in touch almost daily. Sometimes social media is a good thing.  🙂  We are able to share images of what we’re doing as well as thoughts- doubts, fears, hopes. I have had a few futile shopping adventures [in person, online, on the phone] trying to get a hold of a short list of supplies.

Both L and I have been busy with the what I call the prep work- sanding, priming, measuring, calculating, laminating, experimenting. This is all good and necessary…but (you knew there was going to be a ‘but’) … I want to know NOW what the images are going to be. I want to know NOW what my concepts/themes/message will be. At the risk of sounding like a recalcitrant child, I don’t want to “wait and it will come”.  COME ON, Muse! Help me now!

I know how that sounds.  Oh well. In the mean time I will finish getting all of the structures ready, I will experiment with form, and start to draw, draw, draw!

Every day life continues, with my students’ play performance, getting ready for the final belly dance show of the year, etc. For the men I live with there are many sports to track on the television (hockey, ball, soccer) and this is okay right now because that means they won’t miss me if I disappear to the studio. Not surprisingly, the more regular my ‘visits’ to my creative space, the better. I don’t use a lot of time trying to remember what I did last. Currently I have 2 items gluing, and a few things right at hand to get sanding on when I’m done here.

So many ideas for concept but not so many for actual images. Darn that Muse not cooperating with me. If anyone out there has ideas of how to ‘prod my muse’ into kicking into gear, I would like to hear them!

This is all for now. Must get back there – or have a nap–